About the Rules

The rules are in place to accommodate all different types of players. Please follow

these rules to the best of your ability and lets have an enjoyable experience. If there

are issues that needs to be reported there will be a ticket system in place in the dicord channel. Please

make sure to take screenshots and provide as much evidence as you can of the incident.

I highly encourage you to sign up on the website

Starter packs are also included for people wanting a monument built. We will provide you with a cart full of things to build the monument and a little bit of food.

Gameplay Rules

1. Don't be a dick.

2. Building over clay pits with a personal claim or guild claim is strictly forbidden.

Your claim must be at least 15 squares away from claypits. If your claim is a T2

and you are already within that amount then you will not be able to upgrade to a T3.

3. 2 character limit per account please.

4. Tree walls are not allowed. Please make sure when making a tree farm to space them out by one square at least.

5. No racism, or sexual harassment in any form.

6. Remove all tree stumps. This helps minimize lag on servers.

7. No hacking/cheating or use of glitches.

8. No trolling in global chat.

9. Do not settle within 100 tiles of an existing Guild Claim Monument, without a pre-existing agreement between claims.

10. I am not going to tell you what to name your character. If you want to name it after a famous person or not that is fine. Please be respectful though and not name your character something stupid that you know will offend other players.


Fail Name - Dildo Teabaggins

Bearly pass name: Morning Woad

Use your best judgement please.

11. Please do not place monuments on top of mountains where resources are such as granite. For example, the Mountain in the Southeast is full of of resources. Please do not put a monument on top of it.

Combat Rules

1. PVP on claim - If you are within the neutral zone you are required to do 4 lines

of RP each before attacking. Please do your best to make it a realistic matter such as

robbing someone for their shoes. KOS is allowed on claim at night with no RP.

2. PVP off claim - Does not require any RP at all to assault. This is permitted in the

KOS and neutral Zone.

4. Horse Jumping into walls is permitted.

5. Killing horses in combat or not in combat is permitted.

6. Horse and horse cart stealing is permitted. If someone has enough time to push your horse or horse cart off claim they deserve it.

7. After attacking a claim there is a 12 hour raid timer in KOS and neutral zones.

The claim that is attacked is responsible for updating this in discord under "raid

timers" for this to take affect. If this is not recorded within 30 minutes after the

attack then the timer is waived.

8. The use of any objects to get into someone claim is permitted.

Example: Bark boxes, people, horses ect

Faction Rules

1. Please make sure to wear your factions color as your primary color. The secondary color and Emblem is your choice.

Factions and their colors:

Red Winter - Red
Ironvale - Blue
Blackfall- Black or Grey
Midgard - Green
Blood Moon Isle - Purple (This faction has no allegiance to any faction. This was created for the sole purpose of people wanting to play the Bandit role. No claims larger then T2

2. If you so desire you are allowed to fight people within your faction but please follow the same combat rules. Just remember that because your primary color is the same it could cause some confusion. Do this at your own risk.

3. Claiming King or Queen:

Guild claim that is claiming King or Queen of the faction must have 1 vassal supporter, 5 members and a Tier 3 monument. This will need to be announced in the 13th Legion Gaming forums by the person claiming King or Queen and their vassal supporter.