The fall of the Roman Empire 400 years ago led the world into a period of lawlessness and Chaos. As the 9th Century AD begins in the lands once known as Vekan who will stop the madness running rampant over the nations and finally bring to close the Dark Age?

Over the last 400 years Vekan was divided into four regions. They are Blackfall to the North East, Midgard to the North West, Red Winter to the South West, and Ironvale to the South East. These divided lands have been left to their lawless ways for too long. They have been open for attacks from the North and the East leaving villages decimated and the people disheartened.

Blackfall after many decades of war and devastation finally fell to the Northmen. The people of Vekan were unable to hold off the powerful forces of the Northmen. The land was left barren after years of war and the people left disheartened by the loss of their culture and way of life.

Midgard was overrun by the Vikings from the North. The land is fruitful but the people are ruled by fear and oppression. The people are not Vikings but also no longer have the Hope of returning to their cultural roots.

Red Winter is a land full of internal strife and depravity. The land is ruled by the Saxons and although they are not as vicious in their ruling as the Vikings they have forever changed the people within these borders forever.

Ironvale has been the most untouched of these lands. It is still in control of the native culture of Vekan. The people in this land have been able to stave off being overtaken by others but over the last year the plague has overtaken many of their villages and has weakened their numbers. Will they be able to survive to carry on their culture or will they meet the same fate as the other three regions and fall to vicious and uncivilized enemies?

Are the Gods watching this chaos and doing nothing or are they allowing men to determine their own fates? The Vikings who believe in the Gods from Valhalla are looking to spread their people into the other three regions as well. Are they poised to wipe away the principals of Christianity held by the people in the lands once known as Vekan?

Will warriors, leaders, and even Kings rise in these four lands to stave off the invasion of the Vikings? Will it be you? Are you and your compatriots the ones to stave off Evil? We welcome you to come and choose your adventure in Vekan.